Friday, April 10, 2009

This Is It: Thriller…

Thriller is the number one selling album of all time and where most people remember Michael Jackson as the greatest entertainer of all time. He pulled out all the stops by pushing the boundaries of what could be accomplished with music videos and dance. He introduced the moonwalk to the mass media, he won a record 8 grammys, and Michaelmania much like the Beatles was abundant. But being a huge MJ fan I appreciate those songs that may not have always been the most popular, or the videos that lasted for 14 minutes.

Album: Thriller
Favorite Song: P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)
Favorite Music Video: Beat It

I have a passion for the arts and I have always enjoyed the stage. Personally I haven't spent much time on it due to lack of vocal talent but I like to watch what others can accomplish. Beat It combined my love of Michael Jackson and my love of musicals together and that's why I have chosen this video. It was a homage to the show West Side Story of two opposing gangs but instead of classic Broadway driven numbers, Van Halen underscored it with a heavy rock guitar riff and solo. The end result was amazing and paved the way for more videos with which he became famous for.…

*NOTE* Due to school getting in the way I have had to postpone writing here, but I hope to pick up much more in the future as soon as graduation gets over with…

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  1. Beat It was an awesome video! Good homage to Michael Jackson! Lots of people would say you are brave to admit loving Michael so kudos to you! I love little Mikey as well! Well, his music anyway. He's a bit weird as a person, though.