Monday, October 7, 2013

OMG, Stop Taking the Lord's Name in Vain…

Words have meanings and I love to know them and use them in the proper context. Sometimes people will take important words and twist them to be vulgar or offensive. Sometimes words themselves can become symbols and illustrations with multiple meanings. I use words as they were intended and often times get rebuked for doing so. Retard, Midget, Queer, Nigger are offensive to many people and are treaded upon lightly by those associated with those qualities.

Retard means slow and I ,and most likely you, have said it multiple times in the past unless in the presence of one. To say it to their face would be rude and inconsiderate. You can't even say mentally disabled any more because that is also offensive. The politically correct form is "person with Down syndrome." Midget means small and we've all said it, but to be politically correct you would say "little person." There are many words throughout history that have once been acceptable but since deemed derogatory because the way they were used, but I want to talk about another word(s) used that most people gloss over.


Like many words, you hear "God Dammit" on occasion. You hear "Jesus Christ" exclaimed out of disgust and "Oh my God" has become so widely used and taken out of context that it's been abbreviated to OMG in your text messages and chatroom social settings. Well guess what? Taking the Lord's name in vain is offensive to me and many others in the world. There are a lot of things I fight against but I've let this one slide by for too long. Recently however, it's come to my attention that so many people are sensitive to some words even when used in the proper context that I've decided to speak out on my beliefs as well. Please respect my beliefs, my feelings and my faith in someone I love deeply and refrain from using it improperly and I'll try my best respectively.