Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spoken Musical Intros and Interludes…

This is something that I am surprised still exists in music. You know what I am talking about; the spoken words at the beginning of a song. Usually they begin with the word Baby or Girl and they confess their love before the song begins. It is prominent in boy bands and was a common occurance in the 90s. One group that stands out right now is the Backstreet Boys. I have heard it multiple times and have ad libbed my own intros to music that sounds the same.

Now days it is a little different with T.I. on his song Dead and Gone but I would rather just hear the music, especially while listening to the radio. This is why they make radio edits in the first place.

While I am speaking of modern music, can they please stop filling the album full of interludes. I want to see how many songs I am buying on the back of the CD; not get confused with the artistic segues between each song. If you have them, that's fine, just don't print them on the CD case. 15 tracks don't seem that impressive anymore when I get home and find out there are only 10 real songs…

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yes He Broke The Pot…

In the end of September of last year I started writing about Los Caprichos and planned on doing so on a regular basis. Well I never continued doing it and now that this blog is set up I figured it would be a great way to proceed with them. So here we go:

Plate #25

The son is mischievious and the mother bad tempered. Which is worse?

Growing up I was spanked on the butt and assumed this was the way everyone was handled when doing something wrong. When I got married I planned on doing the same thing if such force was necessary. How else was I supposed to discipline my children so they would learn properly? My wife was quick to inform me that love is more important than hurt and could solve problems in the long run if handled correctly.

Now that we are expecting our first child in May we will be learning the joys of parenthood. Like all things, there is opposition in all things; the good and the bad. With the many wonders of raising a child also come the mud on the floor, the drawings on the walls, and even the broken pots. My daughter will most likely involve herself with breaking things that I hold dear and teach me the importance of patience and love. I hope that I and everyone can learn to be the more mature parent and handle those situations in the manner that can benefit both you and the child.

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