Tuesday, January 20, 2009

For Better Or Worse…

I am a sucker for the fantasy of the perfect marriage and I imagined I would be the prince charming when I got married as well as my princess having no flaws, but the "happily every after" line stated in Disney and Hollywood films never talk about the moments between. In fact most religious sects have it correct from the moment they say I do by adding a key phrase, "for better or worse."

Lately my mind has been thinking a lot about marriage and divorce and it struck me odd, how individuals can go from head over heels in love to bitter sworn enemies. I have been to many marriage ceremonies and receptions and each time the faces of the couples are overjoyed with the new step they have taken in life. Some of those are still married today and others have chosen an easier path of divorce. What was the difference? Why did some remain true and the others falter? Life is hard and I believe as natural men, we all choose to take the easy path than the one less traveled. Maybe the problem with this is that the road has become too weak and we let is crumble beneath our feet.

Many factors can contribute to the downfall; whether it was money issues, the stresses of school and work, the new responsibilty of raising a family, a possible affair, or even an heated argument. We all make bad choices and it has been said numerous times that communication is the key. We've all heard it, but when the relationship is on the line, we shut down and say nothing. That same person that you fell in love with has become your worst nightmare. Some choose to work through it and others give up entirely.

To me love is eternal, and when I love something I hold on to it. I understand that sometimes divorce is needed under special circumstances, but I will never understand how you can truly love someone and then walk away with the most bitter taste of revenge. All too often divorce ends up in court with one name calling the other, with children tug-o-warred in between, with possessions and money bargained for, and ending what started out in love, in hate. Check HERE for related article

I am not here to correct Disney because I still believe in living happy, but couples must work through the worse times in order to fully enjoy the better. In fact when the stresses of the world are taken off of my shoulders, my wife and I still enjoy a love only read about and seen in the movies…

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  1. Very Deep Chris! i love it!
    I totally agree with you on this one too! Love is Eternal and you can't fall out of love; you choose not to love!